Weber Performer Deluxe Review

Coming from one of the oldest, as well as most respected manufacturers of gas grills, we have the Weber Performer Deluxe. Weber grills have been around for ages. Their products are easy to use, and come with innovative features. The Weber charcoal grills were renewed in 2015, when they changed their names. They also added a few new features, but maintained everything people liked about the old things. Many reviews praise them for being simple to use, and effective. Read on, as our full Weber Performer Deluxe review dives deep into the specifications and usefulness of the Deluxe 22”.

What is the Performer series?

The Performer series is actually an improvement of the Charcoal Kettle Grill. The 22.5” Webber Kettle is an incredible tool, and little could be done to make it better. However, there is a solution. Instead of three legs, it was put on a cart. There was also the introduction of Weber’s Gourmet Barbecue system. This has a hinged grate, with a removable center. That center accepts inserts, such as pizza stones or woks.

The Weber Performer Deluxe 22”

weber performer deluxe review


An improved version of the Original Kettle 22 inch, you now get the Gourmet BBQ Cooking system as standard. Previously, it was only available as an option. The grill has a 22.5” cooking grate, with hinged sides. Those hinged sides allow for replenishing coal. You can also get a removable curved warming rack.

The cart comes with two large wheels, for easy manipulation. You have a large work surface, with built-in tool hooks. There’s also the Touch-N-Go ignition system. With it, you can light charcoal using a small burner beneath the coal grate. There are also two char baskets, for holding charcoal under the grate. What this does is it creates indirect, cooler zones, as well as direct, hotter ones. You also get a redesigned nylon lid handle, which makes sure you don’t burn your fingers.

It comes with an enclosed receptacle at the bottom, which captures ash. Although the name was previously the Performer Platinum 22.5”, the diameter remains the same. You still get a 363 square inch cooking area. You also get a lid thermometer, but it isn’t very accurate.

But, should you buy it?

As with any Weber Kettle, the Performer Deluxe 22” is a great thing. It maintains durability, and you can cook just about anything on it. You can build a nice, even bed of coal for cooking anything, or sear steaks with piling up coal on one side. You can also add accessories which make things even better. There’s a tight seal between the lid and the body. This makes sure you get excellent heat control.

To round up the Weber Performer Deluxe review, you will find that you indeed get a very good tool. And, the asking price isn’t all that high. Especially when you factor in the durability and reputation of Weber. It is a fairly portable grill, and one that would make a great addition to the next barbeque party. It might not be the best charcoal grill, period, but which one is? Everyone has different requirements out of a BBQ grill. It gives you the ability to cook things such as ribs and other meats, and it is a great barbecue grill at the end of the day.