Akorn Kamado Review

Regardless of whether you’re a person who has backyard parties every day, or one who cooks at home, the choice of grills and cookers is enormous. There are many manufacturers, and many models. Some of them are cheap, some more expensive. However, there is a model for anyone’s budget. If you read through this Akorn grill review, you will see that there’s a brand that makes cheap, yet well-made grills. And, this particular barbecue grill smoker is one of the best outdoor grills for the price.

Who are Char-Griller?

Char-Griller is a company that makes cookers that are among the cheapest in the world. All of their models look alike. They’re all round, horizontal smokers and charcoal grills. They also have a combo cooker, both gas and charcoal, the Kamado (full Akorn Kamado review below).

Their prices make them attractive for plenty. First-time buyers, as well as budget conscious ones, can’t pass up the price tags. However, Char-Griller makes “you get what you pay for” very true. What you will find, however, is that some of them make things a little difficult.

The Char-Griller Akorn Kamado review

akorn kamado review

The Akorn Kamado is the successor to the King-Griller Kamado charcoal grill. It comes with the same insulated, double wall steel egg, which is lighter than ceramic Kamados. The charcoal BBQ grill is also more durable in a few ways, and much less expensive. Even though Char-Griller make somewhat cheap products, which also feel cheap, this is an exclusion. The insulated steel egg design performs much better than its price point would suggest. It even comes close to traditional Kamados. Yet, it has modern, lightweight materials that cost much less.

The steel design isn’t new by any means. There are higher quality versions of the Akorn, such as the Broil King Keg. And, you will see from this Akorn Kamado review, that it is cheaper than its predecessor. However, the low price doesn’t result in low quality. People are surprised. They buy it, thinking it will be average, yet it performs admirably. Some even compared it to high-end ceramic cookers. The results? Almost identical.

There are even sightings of the Akorn Kamado at BBQ competitions. Everyone has the same opinion about them. Cheap, lightweight, very easy to move, and you don’t have to worry about dropping them. And, they work great, much better than the price suggests.

Operation and construction

Like most kamados, you can set up the Akorn for two-zone cooking. Other charcoal grills require you to pile coal on one side to create both an indirect and direct zone simultaneously. There are exceptions, though, such as the Oval Kamados by Primo. There’s also the BBQ Dragon, that you can add to the mix. It is a variable speed fan that can help you a lot during your next party.

There is a one inch thick insulation, wrapped in steel, on the lid and body. It is powder coated on the outside, and porcelain coated on the inside. You have calibrated dampers, both at the bottom and top of the egg. The flexible gaskets are where Char-Griller cut costs. They’re poor quality, and can be melted or degraded by cooking at extremely high temperatures.

Final verdict

To round up the Akorn grill review, you pretty much get what you pay for. There are a lot of things to be said about the quality. And, you can’t really expect it to last forever. But, if you want to venture into the world of Kamados, it’s a good entry point. Charcoal grilling is something plenty of people love, and smoky ribs are many people’s favorite. Your next barbeque’s attendees will thank you.