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Weber Q 3200 Kamado Akorn Char-Griller Pellet
Our Overall Rating: 95% 93% 88%
User Reviews
Primary Function Grill Grill & Smoker Smoker
Fuel Propane Gas

Natural Gas Capable

Charcoal Wood Pellets
Primary Capacity 393 square inches 302 square inches 580 square inches
Secondary Capacity 69 square inches 120 square inches 140 square inches
Main Burners 2 1 1

Weber Q3200 Review

weber q3200 review


Who are Weber?

Weber is an American manufacturer of grills. They currently have gas grills, charcoal and electric outdoor grills, as well as accessories for such products. In 1989, they expand by opening a Weber Grill Restaurant. They currently have five of them. They pride on their flavor, which you can achieve only by cooking on a Weber BBQ, whether it’s a gas, charcoal or electric barbeque. Weber are very famous for ranges such as the Weber Genesis series, or Weber Spirit series of grills.

What is the Weber Family Q range?

As you will see in this Weber Family Q review, this range of theirs has quickly become a favorite. From backyard family gatherings, to parties, people love them. The range, which has two products, is an incredible combination of an economical grill, and one that cooks very fast. You can make a large amount of food, in a small amount of time.

They have a two burner system, which ensures fast cooking and good taste. There’s a storage space, for plates and accessories, and split grills. There are two products in the Weber Q series, as mentioned earlier. Those are the Family Q, Q3100AU, and Family Q Premium, Q3200AU (read on for a full Weber Q3200 review below). Both models are very similar, and have small differences.

The Q3100AU vs the Q3200AU

Both grills have a stainless steel Q Burner, and center burner. They output 22.9 megajoule per hour. The lid and body are made of durable cast-aluminum. The difference is that the Premium, Q3200, has a cast aluminum high lid with thermometer. Both have rust-resistant split cooking grills. One more difference is worth noting. The premium has an electronic infinite igniter. The regular one only has a push-button piezo igniter.

As you’ve noticed in this short Weber Family Q review, the difference between the two is small but noticeable. Therefore, since the price difference is also small, it is worth going for the Premium. Read on for the full Weber Q3200 review, and see if that small premium is worth it for you.

The in-depth Weber Q3200 review

The Q3200 is the successor of the Q320. It is a very popular model, and comes with Weber’s highly praised grill cart. There are large wheels, so you can move it easily. It has two stainless steel burners, to make it easy to use on various temperatures. The newer model has a few advantages over the old one, and it has also fixed some of the flaws. For example, there’s a larger grip, to make it easier to move around. The control knobs work better too. Fixing things like this means that the company works hard and listens to their customers.

A brief description of the Q3200

You will find most of the features of the old model, in a new, much nicer styling. The handle and control knob are easier to use. This is mostly because they are larger. The side tables are sturdier, and come with new ergonomic handles. As far as options go, you can get it in a natural gas and a propane gas edition. There’s also the choice between a white or a red lid.

The split grates let you replace one with a griddle, best used for cooking breakfast. However, the griddle is sold separately. You can store it in the grill, with the gas tank.

Detailed specifications

There are two stainless steel burners. You will also find cast iron porcelain enameled cooking grates, and battery ignition. The frame is made of glass reinforced nylon, while the body and grill cover are aluminum. There are also a few interesting additions. For example, in the handle, you will find a grill light. The drip pan is easy to remove and clean, and there’s a thermometer in the lid.

The total cooking area is roughly 460 square inches, which should be plenty for your next backyard party. This includes 75 square inches for the warming rack. It uses a 20lbs tank. You can either get it as a propane grill, or a natural gas grill. With a BTU of 21,700, it gets very hot. This results in excellent grill marks.

The grill surface

Without the warming rack area, you have roughly 390 square inches. With an unwritten rule, where 72 square inches are enough for a single person, this is enough for four. You might be able to squeeze in five, but it is more comfortable for four. However, a grill is usually used for burgers, or chicken, or steak. This means you can load it with a lot more. When I say more, I mean 17-18 hamburgers at a time. The height between the grill grate is about 10 inches. With this, you could squeeze in a small chicken. And, if you turn on the middle burner, and move the food to the back or front, you can even get indirect grilling.

Pros and cons

This wouldn’t be a full Weber Q3200 review, if you didn’t find about the good, and potentially bad things about the grill. First of all, the grill is overall an amazing product. You can use it for plenty of things, and cook for plenty of people at a time. It is also fairly inexpensive for what you get.

If, for any reason, you thing the grill isn’t hot enough, don’t give up. A safety feature in the regulator might be blocking this, and there’s a way to solve it. Plenty of people give it a bad rating because they didn’t read the specifications. They might’ve expected a smaller grill, or felt that it might seem a little cheap.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, you pretty much get what you pay for. The Weber Q3200 is a great grill for the price. You will find features that you won’t find on other products that cost way more. You shouldn’t be overthinking it, really, and get it for your next barbecue party. It isn’t really a portable grill, nor a charcoal grill, but a gas grill, and a great one at that.